Modern Heavy Duty Design

A Feel To Realism

Realistic racing feel and Comfort


Recognized as one of the Sturdiest Designs in the Gaming Industry, Real Steel Gaming Simulators showcases fully adjustable Wheel,Pedals and Racing Seat with Comfort You'll find in this simulator and not in many others.

Other Products By Real Steel Gaming

Pull up Wheel Stands, Full Cockpits and Custom Designs like mouse and keyboard holders, Sifters for right and left handed, Cup holders ETC.

Events & Exhibitions


Three Standard Models to choose from

Wheel Stands with Wheel and Pedals $500

Cockpits with Racing Seat, Wheel and Pedals  $800

Full Simulators with Racing Seat,  Wheel and Pedals, 32" TV and Game console  $ 1500

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Heavy Duty Steel Construction With Adjustible steering height, Adjustible Pedal Distants and a Fully Adjustible Racing Seat.

Will Be Displayed at future Events (Dates Unknown )